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Related post: Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:06:18 -0600 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal 25Rascal Part Twenty-Five White Lies and Sweet Success After spending Christmas in the hospital, Ryan came home. It was the third week in January. I was keeping Ryan company on Thursday when the phone rang. He answered the ringing phone as expected because it was, after all, right next to him on the sofa. His facial expressions implied it was not good news. When the phone conversation was over, he turned to me and said, "We fucked up." "Whaddya mean?" "That was Mr. Parker, our nosy next door neighbor up child model jesse at the cabin. He said we didn't blow out the water pipes right or we didn't turn the water off or something because the pipes broke." "Oh fuck!" I said. "What can we do?" "Nosy Parker said he called the plumber for us and the guy did a temporary fix but Dad'll have to go up this weekend to authorize the permanent repairs." "They can't wait until Spring?" "Not according to Nosy Parker." "Damn, I feel really bad about this." "Why you?" "That weekend we went up there to close it up, I shouldn't have distracted you with all the sex play." "I was responsible for closing it up. Well, my folks THOUGHT young naturist model I was responsible. I guess not." "Don't beat yourself up. You can't be sure it was anything YOU did ... or didn't do." "The way my life's been going, it could ONLY be me." "Whaddya mean?" "I was slated to be the naked teeny models one wrestler in our division to bring home the trophy. There was even talk about me beating out that guy who made a spot on the Olympic tryouts team." "You're really that good?" "Coach thinks so." "Then why weren't you trying out for the Olympics?" "Too young." "Oh, well, there's always next year. Don't lose faith in yourself." "Then there was Christmas," Ryan said pouting. "What ABOUT Christmas?" I asked "Duh! I was in the hospital! The Christmas experience is all about struggling preeteen naked models with those damn ribbons that won't come apart and tearing off the wrapping paper. It's the excitement of finding a Gameboy sneakily packaged in an old pop-up toaster box or finding a gold chain in a necktie box. All I got was cards with stupid gift certificates in 'em. Where's the fun in opening an envelope?" "Oh, honey," I said, getting up to sit next to him on the sofa, "I'm sorry you didn't get a traditional Christmas but we couldn't parade a ton of gifts down the halls of the hospital. How do you think the patients who didn't get any gifts at all images young models would have felt?" "I guess you're right. But then the fuckin' pipes broke. This was gonna be the last weekend before I actually start going back bikini model asian to school. I wanted it to be you and me and Dad doin' stuff together. And you know what kinda stuff I'm talkin' about." "Hummm," I said thoughtfully, "let me guess." I rubbed his belly--the only area I felt safe touching, even though I knew he was almost fully healed. "I'll tell you what. If it's okay with Lyle, I'll ride up with you." "But it won't be the same. I mean, we'll be on the road most of the time and when we're not, Dad'll be thinking about plumbing and pipes or tiny tops models how much it's all gonna cost. Dad's not gonna be in the mood for sex." "Yeah, I guess you're right. I should probably stay home." "No, kati model that's not what I meant. I want you to go with us. Hell, it'll make boy model gallery the ride less boring if nothing else." "Gee, thanks. Now I'm nothing more that a convenient diversion." "Daddy Two, you know that's not true." Smiling, I said, "Yeah, I know, son. "Don't forget, you're also a big piece frontier models uk of meat to fill a hole or two," Ryan said, giggling. "That's my boy. Now quit being so gloomy and give me a kiss." "That'll lead to a blowjob." "What's being gloomy got to do with oral gratification?" Rolling his eyes, Rascal hugged me and we kissed. He was right. It vladmodels free pics did lead to a blowjob--one he gave ME. I made him save HIS load for Lyle. Saturday morning, bright and way-too-early, Lyle, Ryan and I were on our way up north. As a last-minute concession to Ryan, the three of us sat up front, even though he could have raised his walking cast up to rest it on the seat if he had sat in the back. To Ryan's consternation, the seatbelts hindered any actual sex--other than a casual jerking off motion on three bare cocks. "Don't even think of making me cum while I'm driving," Lyle threatened. "What about Daddy Two?" "He can cum if he wants." "Then he could drive and I could jack YOU off." "Maybe." "All right!" "But not too early," I said. "It's a long drive and I get sleepy after I cum." "Don't I know it!" Ryan said derisively. Ryan waited until we were in the lane that led to the cabin before he said, "Nope, I'm not gonna let either of you cum. I wanna blow out your plumbing--both of you--after we get all this other plumbing stuff figured out. Kinda help put you in a better mood for the drive home." "Hey, I've got blueballs, here! You can't leave me like this!" I argued, gripping my cock and wagging it at Ryan. "When something this big needs to cum, it gets painful. You can't back out now." "Better zip up," Lyle said, "Looks like we've got company." "That's Nosy Parker's van," Ryan said. "Ryan, what have I told you about calling him that?" "Well, I'm not saying it to his face! Hey, look, there's smoke coming out of the chimney." "Yeah, I asked him to keep a small fire going just to keep any more pipes from freezing." "Oh, yeah. Good idea. That means I'll have to mow his lawn all summer for free, no doubt." "Well, he IS doing underteen models us a favor." We got out of the car and trudged our childmodelsnude way to the porch, stomped the snow off our boots and went in. Lyle led the way, followed by Ryan. I pulled up the rear, model teenagers so to speak, as planned. "SURPRISE!" jana model maxwell ten voices shouted. "Merry Christmas, Rascal!" Ryan literally leapt in the air from fright. Then when he saw the faces of all his friends and family, he started to cry. He didn't just cry, he sobbed. His body was wracked with half-fulfilled hiccups. "Now I bet you wish you hadn't thought all those evil things about your friends ignoring you at Christmas, huh?" I whispered in his ear. "Hey, we love you, dude, Jamie said. "Ryan, stop it, man," Jeremy said. "You know Christmas wouldn't be the same without you." Ryan looked around the cabin wide-eyed. A fully decorated Christmas tree stood in one corner with thirty or forty presents surrounding the base. Garland was swagged around the windows, doors and around the room up near russian teenage model the ceiling. The dining table had two extension leaves in it and it was filled with food. The fireplace was roaring and had stockings hanging from the mantle with the names of everyone in the room spelled out in glitter--red for model ym bikini the girls, green for the guys. Juanita rushed up to hold Ryan's good hand and kiss him on the cheek. Taylor was next but kissed him on the mouth. Tyler flicked a 'cocked gun' finger at him and said, "Later, dude," as his eyes indicated Ryan's mom, Amanda, and HIS mom, Sherita, were watching. "Mom!" Ryan shouted. It sounded to me more like a warning to his friends than a greeting to his mother. "I can't believe you kept this a secret." Looking around he said, "Jason, Sherita ... I just can't believe all you guys drove all this way just to surprise ME. Hey, where's your cars?" "At my youngest models toplist place," Nosy Parker said. "Didn't want to give it all away by having a lot of tire tracks and vehicles sittin' around, so I told your dad to tell 'em to come to my place." "But the frozen pipes!" "Hain't been cold enough up here to hardly freeze the lake, even," Nosy Parker said. "So don't none of you go traipsing out on it. It sure looks frozen but it's thinner 'n a fingernail." Jamie walked up and gingerly hugged Ryan, leaning in to whisper, "I snagged a gross of condoms from work before I came up here, dude," Brad walked up hesitantly and with downcast eyes he said, "I hope you don't mind. It's just, when I heard all about this, I wanted to help ... you know ... because you've been such a good friend to my brother. Heck, you're more a brother to Jeremy than I am." "But we're trying to change all that," Jeremy said, wrapping his arm around Brad. "No, I'm glad you're here. I don't think there's any place better to learn what family is all about than here." "Are you guys hungry or do we want to open presents first?" Amanda asked. "Presents!" Ryan shouted. Then, with sudden humility, he said, "I'm sorry. That wasn't very nice of me. You guys don't have any." "Oh yes we do," Tyler said. "We all agreed before Christmas that we wouldn't open our presents from you until we could open 'em in front of you." "When your japaneese teen models dad heard us talking about it," Taylor fetish teen model said, "he arranged all this." Ryan looked at his dad and almost started crying again. "But what none of THEM knew, was that they were gonna get a reward for amanda carter model being so thoughtful," Lyle said. "Really!" Tyler said, trembling with excitement. "Have you gotta pee?" Lyle asked quietly. "Uh huh," Tyler said, "but go ahead. I can wait." "Go pee. This can wait." Tyler raced to the corner where the tiny bathroom had been installed. "And I don't want to hear any ..." It was too late. Tyler was peeing into the bowl like a horse into a puddle. Sherita blushed but american naked modells when I shrugged my shoulder, she smiled. "Hey, it's Christmas, right?" Lyle said. "I'm sure the baby Jesus heard worse than that in the manger." I was surprised to see a look on Sherita's face that implied a certain element of "urinary noise" acceptance--maybe. When Tyler returned, Lyle said, "Remember the gift cards and gift certificates you all bought to fool Ryan into thinking he wasn't getting an actual present?" A quizzical murmur of "Yeah?" filled the room. "We know most of you kids had already bought Ryan his present before we came up with THIS idea. It must have been very inconvenient for some of you to have to come up with another ten or twenty dollars for the gift card. So, you'll each find a gift card of equal value attached to the gift Ryan picked out for you. The vlademodel gift cards are from Amanda and me as a token of our appreciation." "Oh, by the way," hottetst teen models Amanda said, sideling up to Lyle and wrapping her arm around his waist, "we had to buy your presents from the descriptions we got from Ryan. So, if it's the wrong size, color, version, edition or whatever, I have the receipts and we can exchange it." "Spunky, help me with the mattress. We'll put it on the floor in front of the tree and Ryan can get started," Lyle said. Ryan stretched out comfortably on his right side--his least-damaged side ayla teen model while the rest of us crowded around to watch. After opening the first gift, a sweater from his mom, Ryan said, "Spunky, could you sit behind me and let me lean into you?" We had used that position the night Ryan looked through my porno collection hidden away in the footstool. It quickly became our favorite position. But we were usually naked. "Then Mom and Dad can hand me the presents. Lying down like this, I can only use one hand and I need to practice using both again ..." then looking at his dad expectantly, "if I've really gotta go back to school Monday." I'm sure he was hoping another excellent surprise present would be not having to go to school for another week or so. Once I was in position, with Ryan nuzzled close to my crotch between my spread legs, Lyle handed him his next present--a computer game he'd been wanting since September. Then Ryan said, "Okay, one of you guys open one. Ladies first. Sherita?" "Is that a polite way of saying age before beauty?" Sherita chuckled, getting into the holiday spirit--even if it was a month later. She had been overjoyed when we told her about the Christmas in January idea. Jason later told me it was because it was her favorite holiday. One after another, the gifts were opened, displayed for all to see and their lsmodels tgp merits and values praised. After the last package was opened, Amanda directed everyone to the table for lunch--even if it was closer to dinnertime. Tyler looked at me, then at Nosy Parker and back to me pleadingly, but I shook my head 'no, don't ask that question.' Turkey, sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry relish, just about everything you'd associate with Christmas dinner was there on the table. "You'll have to fill a plate and find any place you can to sit. I'm sorry we don't have enough chairs," Amanda said. "We keep it that way so her family doesn't descend upon us like the Viking hordes during the summer," Lyle said. "It's a cabin, Mom," Ryan said. "It's rustic. It's roughing it. We're not supposed to have seating for twelve, like we do at home. Most of us sat on the floor around the fireplace but the moms sat in chairs fashion model teens near one end of the table, to eat like "civilized" people. Twenty minutes later--after Tyler got Ryan and himself second helpings, Ryan asked in a surprised tone, "Hey? How long are you guys gonna stay?" "Kicking us out already?" Jamie asked with a chuckle. "No! I mean, how long CAN you stay? Can you new model tgp all sleep over? Can they, Mom? We'll be quiet," Ryan pleaded, looking at Amanda. "Well," Lyle said, "it would be awfully crowded." "And we don't have enough sleeping bags," Amanda said, barely suppressing a conspiratorial smile. "There's plenty of 'em in the car," 3d nude models I said, helping Ryan get to his feet. Knowing what litle girls model was coming next--that which I warned Tyler not to say anything about--got him so excited I thought he was going to pee his pants. "Whaddya mean?" Ryan asked. "There aren't any sleeping bags in the car." "I'm pretty sure there are," Nosy Parker said. "Let's go see." "Okay," Ryan said as he started hobbling in his walking cast toward the front door. "Let's go this way," Nosy Parker said, "It's closer." Ryan frowned but, since he was closer to the back door anyway, he headed that way instead. When Ryan got to the open door he saw a late-model Buick Regal with a huge red bow on it. russian fetish models A gift tag the size of Rhode Island read, To: Rascal From: Santa. If he could have jumped up and down, he would have, I'm sure. Tears welled in his eyes again but he didn't cry. To ease his emotions toward the humorous, I said, "And it's fully outfitted for the handicapped." "It is not!" Amanda chided. "Ryan's gonna make a full recovery." I said, "No, I mean, it has inflatable foot pedals for the vertically challenged." "I've got your challenge," Ryan said, although he didn't grip his crotch. There had been a snowfall after the model pictures car was hidden behind the cabin which meant there weren't any tracks for Ryan to walk around in, so teeny models top I said, "C'mon, I'll carry you out." Making sure his leg was placed strategically, I wrapped my arms under his camile model butt and he wrapped his arms around my neck. "The keys are in it," Lyle said as the rest of the guests followed us out. "What!" Ryan yelled. "Somebody could have preten model pusy stolen it." "I put them in there after I cleared off the snow this morning," Nosy Parker preeteen models sites said. "And this place has been hopping ever since. Not likely anybody would steal it with this many people keeping an eye on it." As Ryan hopped on one leg and twisted to sit in the driver's seat, he asked, "All of you knew about this? All afternoon and you didn't say gallery of vladmodels a word? You guys are so gonna get it." Most of the guys smiled wickedly as I'm sure each of them thought of the different ways they were gonna get it. "Me too!" Taylor asked lasciviously. I quickly looked at Sherita gas furnace models who either didn't hear or wisely chose to ignore her daughter's comment. "Especially you," Ryan said. "You'll be my first date in my new car." "It's not new," Lyle said. "Your mom and I hadn't planned to give you a car this early. But under the circumstances, we thought you deserved it now instead model 14 year of after graduation." "We needed those extra two years to save up the difference between this one and a new one." "Hey, this is great. I'm the happiest kid on the planet. You guys are nude models shots the best. All of you, I love each and every one of you." "C'mon, let's get inside before you freeze." "Can I start it up?" "No," Lyle said, "the exhaust pipe is blocked with snow. Don't want young candi model you to asphyxiate yourself on Christmas day." Everyone laughed at the Christmas in January reference as each of them grabbed a sleeping bag out of the back seat. "Give Brad the keys. I put the rest of them in the trunk," Nosy Parker said. "Then I've got to be heading on home. Gonna be dark soon." I helped Ryan back inside and we all huddled in front of the fireplace. "Hey," Ryan said, leaning on his crutch--which he was using less and less. "There's stockings here for Zack and Roger and there's one for Coach, young model funs too. Where ARE they?" "They'll be up tomorrow." "Who's Zack and Roger?" Amanda asked. Lyle said, "Ryan befriended a kid named Zack on the Internet. Come to find out, he's Coach's son. Roger works for the school as a ..." I knew Lyle didn't want to naked 16yo model say 'janitor' because Sherita wouldn't approve, so I said, "He's an assistant for the coach." "He and Zack help the coach out after practice," Lyle said. "They review the plays and offer advice." "How come I've never met 'em?" Amanda asked. "I just met him the day of the beating. He came up to see black male model me twice a week or more. I haven't had him over 'cuz I don't chubby teens models want him to think he has to wait on me hand and foot. Although I could use a hand every once in a while," Ryan said, holding up his still-bandaged hand but meaning something entirely different. 'And you wouldn't mind having a foot, either,' I thought, 'right up that ass of yours--twelve long inches.' "It's not like he's keeping secrets," Lyle said. "It's just been a series of inconveniencies." After we were all warmed up, I asked, "Who wants to help me hang some curtains?" "What?" the kids asked. "Do what?" Sherita asked. Jason came to the rescue before I could say anything. "The kids can't sleep in the same room as the adults. It's Christmas and it's time for Mrs. Claus to properly thank Santa for all the work he's done all year." Sherita's eyes darted back and forth between the only two beds in the room. "We can put one between the beds, too, if you want but I remember my girlfriend in high school was a little more daring than that." "That was before we had two teenagers who are starting to think the same way we do," Sherita hissed. "No they're not," Lyle chuckled, "they're way ahead of OUR generation at that age." That seemed to calm her down a little and ls models imageboard Amanda said, "Besides, it's not like they're gonna be un-chaperoned. You and Jason will have one bed, Lyle and I will have the other, so Dick will be sleeping with the kids. Almost like it was scripted, all the kids groaned in unison, "Awwh," like they were upset about having a chaperone. I knew Lyle and Jason knew better. "Well, I guess there's no harm in that," Sherita said, warily. Then in a whisper at Jason, she said, "... but no sex tonight." "Do you HAVE to put the curtains up?" Sherita asked. "Honey," Jason said, "it's not for us. Really. It's pretten model gallery for the kids. When you were in high school, would you want to sleep in the same room as your folks? I mean, wouldn't that be creepy." "Yeah, I guess you're right," Sherita said begrudgingly. "I'd help but I've got to keep the fire going," Ryan said, knowing he couldn't help anyway. "We'll help," Jeremy said, grabbing Juanita's hand. "She loves to redecorate." Then, pedo model photoshoot after a brief pause, he smiled and said, "... like every day." "So I like to move furniture around," Juanita said. "I've got the bruised shins to prove it," Jeremy said. "You two sound like an old married couple instead of horny young teenagers," Jason said. Sherita shot him a glance that implied his remark was inappropriate for teens of mixed ages. Jeremy and I strung some twine from one side of the room to the other. Since Amanda didn't do laundry at the lake because of the 'rustic' lifestyle, they used old-fashioned clothespins to hang swimsuits out to dry. Juanita used them to pin the hanging sheets to the cord. I model sex change noticed the light from the fireplace cast shadows, so I put the denser blankets in front of the beds pretens models tgp and the lightweight sheets on the ends. It would help shield whatever activities we engaged in later. If any of the adults asked, I'd tell them I didn't want the light from the fireplace to make it difficult for them to get to sleep. It only took the four of alex cotter model us about twenty minutes to complete the project. Lyle turned on the clock radio to an easy-listening station. He whispered to me, "It'll help drown out the noise the kids will be andreia model making until the adults fall asleep." Then we turned out the lights. The fireplace cast eerie shadows as the kids started spreading out their sleeping bags. "Don't forget, it's gonna cool down during the night, so don't get TOTALLY naked," I said, chuckling. "Dick, don't even put such ideas in their heads," Amanda chuckled. "Girls, you can come behind the curtain to change. Boys, you change out there." Even so, I think girl feet model she knew that what I was really saying was, 'You don't want to get naked, tonight, no matter WHAT you've got in mind.' Ryan was still at a stage where he needed celebrity models babes help with getting undressed unless he was wearing his sweats. After we got his jeans off, and his PJs on--something he started wearing only after his stay in the hospital--the girls rejoined the group. We wrestled with the sleeping bags until, like a jigsaw puzzle, we found the right configuration to accommodate all of them on the floor. While we were doing that, the adults climbed into bed. "We're gonna tell ghost stories for awhile," Ryan said to the adults in general. "So if you hear us whispering, don't worry--we're not talking about you." "I thought ghost stories were associated with Halloween," Shereita said from behind the makeshift room divider. Ryan said, "There's the cyber sex model ghost of Marly and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future ... not to mention the Holy Ghost and ..." "Okay," Sherita said, "I stand corrected." Then I reached in my stocking that was hanging on the mantle, pulled out a sprig of mistletoe and held it over Ryan's head. By then, he was kristina teen model on his back and Juanita was the first to crawl over to kiss him. Then, one by one, all the other kids kissed him. When floor model mattress Tyler crawled over, he moved my hand over Ryan's crotch. teen models pregnant Tyler kissed Ryan on the mouth with a quick peck but then kissed his cock through his pajama bottoms. He looked up at me and I nodded 'okay.' Pulling Ryan's cock out of the already gaping fly, he nodded for Taylor to begin sucking Ryan to hardness. From the look on his face, it was all Ryan could do not to moan from pleasure. Remembering his newly established status of 'cock slave,' Tyler looked pleadingly at me and I nodded it was okay for him to suck Ryan, too. He and his sister took turns blowing him. While they were doing that, Jamie crawled over and tongue-kissed Ryan. After nudging Tyler off Ryan's cock, Jamie began sucking it. Tyler, not to be left out, squirmed around to carefully crawl between Ryan's legs and lick his balls. Brad got my attention and I got the impression he was also asking my permission to join in. I smiled and jerked my head in Ryan's direction. Brad scampered over quietly and sat like a begging dog. I whispered, "You have my permission to do anything that pleases Ryan. You cannot, however, touch Tyler in any way." Tyler looked up at Brad and smiled. "He's in training," I added. Brad nodded knowingly. Ryan's eyes widened in surprise at the news. After Brad finished kissing the delectable little rascal, I looked Ryan in the eyes. Whispering, undress models I said, "Merry Christmas. And my special gift to you is, you're gonna be a 'MASTER in training,' okay?" Then I bent over to kiss him. While I did that, Tyler moved down to suck Ryan's toes. Jamie leaned in to suck on Ryan's balls and Brad began sucking Ryan's dick. Taylor kept herself occupied by finger-fucking herself with one hand and groping Jamie, Brad and Tyler with the other. I was bent over, kneeling beside Ryan's head and when I straightened up, I was surprised to see Jeremy kneeling next to Ryan, across from me. Jeremy's white Jockeys were tented tantalizingly but I didn't mention it, since he was the only straight guy in the room. "Hey, Rascal, How you holdin' up?" "You need to ask?" Ryan grinned as he looked down at the boys servicing svetlana supermodel teen his body. "It's been a long day. I don't want you to preeteen models russian overdo it." Jeremy said with brotherly concern. "Wouldn't think of it," Ryan said, looking longingly at Jeremy. "Good. Now, don't go takin' this the wrong way, but I've missed you, man. A day doesn't go by without me thinkin' about you. I swear, these last six weeks, I've ached every day. I'm sure it doesn't compare to YOUR aches and pain but I'm serious, I've had actual physical pain." "Oh, god! I'm sorry," Ryan said, "Is it serious? Is teen vlad models there something wrong?" "I'm pretty sure it's because Jeremy wanted to help relieve you of some of YOUR pain," I said. "It's similar to a medical phenomenon called 'pain transference.' It's kinda like when a husband bloats up when his wife gets pregnant." "Oh, man," Ryan whined, "you gotta stop that shit. I don't want you hurtin'." "The pain started going away as soon as I saw these guys takin' care of you." Jeremy laid his arm over his brother's shoulder and said, "Even seeing Brad, here, asking permission to help, I don't know ... that kind of love helps make the pain go away. I wish I could help but I just can't." "Jeremy," Ryan whispered seriously--artfully overpowering the sensory input the boys were seductively providing him--"these guys provide love teen modeling agengy through sex, Mom and Dad supply love through family and Daddy Two furnishes love through his wisdom. Your contribution of love is spiritual and although you might think I can't feel it, I can." "Jesus, Ryan, you're gonna make ME cry. You always know just the right thing to say." "Of forbidden model teen course, I wouldn't MIND feeling it." Ryan said, reaching across his body with his good hand to playfully grab at Jeremy's groin. I love the way Ryan eased the tension with humor and I was proud that he didn't actually touch his straight friend. To my surprise, Jeremy took a deep breath and said, "Hey, what the hell, it's Christmas." Ryan's eyes rounded in surprise and Brad angled his head, which was latched onto Ryan's cock, to look up at his brother. Jamie and Tyler both raised up from their bent over positions to look, too. Jeremy tucked the waistband under his balls and thrust his hips closer jessica bikini model to Ryan's hand. To help ease the strain on Ryan's recovering elbow, Jeremy knee-walked closer to Ryan until his quarterback-muscled thighs were touching Ryan's side. As soon as Ryan touched Jeremy, Brad gagged on the explosive cum erupting into his mouth. "Aaagh!" Ryan screamed, continuing to grip Jeremy's half-hard pecker. "Ryan! Are you okay?" Amanda called out as we also heard the rustle of sheets and blankets. "Fine, Mom," Ryan was able to say in a normal tone of voice, even though he was little passion model still cumming. "Just rolled over on my elbow. I'll be fine. I've just got to get used to it." I looked at the space between the floor and the bottom of the hanging blankets and thankfully didn't see any feet on the floor. "You sure?" Amanda asked with motherly concern. "He's fine," I said but I heard Lyle say the same thing at the same time. All alex shoulder model the while, the look on Ryan's face was torn between the agonizing torture of cumming and the agonizing pleasure of touching his best friend so intimately. Jeremy's face reflected absolute and total fear from almost being caught. Brad's face, although sucking Ryan, showed signs of pride in his younger brother's gutsy first step toward sexual freedom. "I know I got to touch you at the tent sale but that was different. I mean, it was for charity and I'm sure you felt compelled to go through with it. But for you to offer me this as a gift of lo__ ...affection, it means so much more." "It doesn't mean ..." "I know what it doesn't mean. You're not turning gay. Not even close! It means you're gonna be more open to suggestions and you know what? I latina ass models don't CARE that Juanita's gonna reap the benefits. In fact, I think it's great. It couldn't happen to a more deserving girl." All this time, Ryan was stroking Jeremy's cock and Juanita had crawled up behind Jeremy but she wasn't touching him--at least, not 'down there.'--that was, after all, the root of Jeremy's problem. I saw Ryan tilt his head so he could look over Jeremy's shoulder at Juanita. "Buddy," Ryan said, "you have just given me the best Christmas, ever, I swear. But could I ask you just one more favor?" "Ryan, I'd like to, man, but I just can't, not yet. Probably not ever." In an insulted tone but still in a 'do not disturb' whisper, Ryan said, "I don't BELIEVE you. You think all this crippled-up invalid thinks about is his OWN pleasure?" Then with a smile, he said, "Well, yeah, I do but this time I was thinking it would give me great pleasure if you'd let Juanita hold your pecker, too." Jeremy jumped when he felt Juanita wrapping her arms around him and cradling her chin on his shoulder. "C'mon," Ryan said. Then releasing Jeremy's cock to wave his good hand at all the rest of us, he said, "Our present to you. You can do it. You can let girls mini models Juanita into your heart right now." "She IS in my heart," Jeremy said, young model loilta grabbing her hands to hold them tenderly as they rested on his taunt belly. To me, it looked like an instinctual move to keep her--or anyone --from getting too familiar with his private parts or even his nipples. "It's always been the physical. Never the spiritual." 12yo models porn Jeremy's cock was throbbing with need. Each heartbeat caused it to wave up and down a little. "I want to, so much. I really do." He turned his head at an awkward angle to kiss Juanita. Breaking the kiss and squeezing his eyes closed, he lowered Juanita's right hand slowly down his belly toward his crotch. "Take your time. Don't rush it," Juanita said reassuringly. "I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer. I just want you to feel comfortable with it. I love you Jeremy--more than Ryan does, if that's possible." "Be gentle," he whispered so softly I don't think Tyler or Jamie could hear it. We were all holding our breaths as we waited for Jeremy to strengthen his courage. As quick as a flashbulb goes off, Jeremy opened his eyes as he eased Juanita's hand onto his erection. Juanita blindly wrapped her hand around it and held it lovingly. A collective gasp arose from us all when Jeremy shouted, "Aaagh," and sprayed his jism all over Ryan and me. "What's the matter?" Amanda shouted. "Kicked Jeremy with my cast. Sorry, Mom. Didn't mean to wake you again." "It's okay, hon, I don't mind." Feeling Jeremy's cock spasm, Juanita began stroking him, milking him and swiping his jism over the head of it. Shuddering silently, Jeremy's stomach crunched and glenda teen model relaxed, crunched and relaxed until his orgasm finally came to an end. "Oh, man! That's the best fuckin' money shot I've ever seen," Jamie said in awe. "Oh, fuck," Jeremy whispered, "I'm sorry, man. I made a hellava mess." "More like a hellava feast," Ryan said. "Any of you guys want some of this?" Three boys jockeyed for position around Ryan to slurp up Jeremy's jism. Then Taylor elbowed her way through to get a taste, too. I leaned down so Ryan could suck off what juice landed on my belly and chest. "Who gets to clean YOU up, honey?" Juanita asked, squeezing a large final drop out of Jeremy's piss hole. "Jesus, Juanita, don't rush him," Ryan said slyly. "He might learn to love it." Jeremy looked down at the ooze on his cock. "You virgin model toplist really want to ... you know, uh ... do that?" Salaciously, Juanita said, "You mean, suck your cock? Eat your cum? Slurp your sauce? Guzzle your jism?" With each phrase, she was moving around to pt models nn get in front of Jeremy--never once letting go of his cock. "You think these babies can make some more?" Juanita asked, bouncing Jeremy's baby makers in their wrinkled sack. I prayed that Jeremy was so far into 'lust mode' that her touching him wouldn't send him over to his dark side. Lucky for all concerned, Jeremy was in a good mood. He said, "I'm not sure. It might take all night but I THINK I can whip up some more batter." It only took a split second for me to realize what just happened. Jeremy needed to hear from Ryan something he's wanted to hear all his life. I don't know what it was, but Jeremy finally caved and allowed Juanita to touch him in his most private of places. Juanita's hand had felt good on his boner, I'm sure, but it was when she mentioned her love and Ryan's love all in the same sentence that Jeremy's sensory systems went into overload and he shot his wad. In my mind's eye, I could see where a beautiful love triangle could have formed if it hadn't been for Jeremy's conflict with his father. As Juanita caressed Jeremy--for the first time unfetter by Jeremy's demons of disgust--the two lovers' lips met and they seemed to melt into one being. "That's beautiful, isn't it?" Ryan said. "Indescribable," I said. Then getting Brad's attention, Ryan jerked his head at me and made an oval of his mouth. Brad climbed over Ryan, got back on his knees and began sucking me. I'd kept my boxers on but my wand had worked its way out of the fly. I pulled down the back of Brad's ribbed white briefs and looked first at Tyler and then at Jamie. Since Tyler was closest, he looked over his shoulder at the hanging bedclothes before shaking his fist three times nn model sandra with a jerking motion. Jamie got the idea and they decided who would fuck Brad first by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors. Jamie crawled into place and began screwing Brad. Tyler sucked on Ryan's cock myusenet sandra model for a while before he switched over to rimming Jamie. He seemed content, even dark cp models though his cock was hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum. "When you're ready, YOU can fuck Brad," Ryan said to me, "but I want to watch his face." "As soon as Jamie and Tyler are done, I'll take sloppy thirds," I said. "I'm just about ready," Jamie said. "Tyler, would you finger- fuck me? I love the feel of squeezing my asshole around something hard when I cum." "You want a finger or his dick?" I asked. "Fuck, I'd prefer his cock but he told me he's in training. Can't do anything with his own dick unless atk models pics you say so." "Put it in but don't cum, Tyler." "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." "I'm really gonna get to order him around and he can't say 'no'?" Ryan asked. "Yep." "Awesome Christmas. Fuckin' awesome." My attention had been distracted from the lovebirds for a few minutes but when I looked over, Jeremy was sporting a condom. Using jerky eye movements, I told Ryan to look. Lying on her back, Juanita was helping to aim Jeremy into her pussy. Taylor had her face up close to their groins but not so close as to interfere. She knew Juanita was a virgin--well, so was Jeremy for that matter, and she wanted to watch beautiful models tgp the deflowering ceremony. "Are you gonna do what we agreed on?" Juanita asked, talking to Jeremy but turning her head to look at Ryan. They were lying side-by- side and their faces weren't more than six inches apart. "I promise," Jeremy said. "I'll do it first if you want." "No. You've got to give it up first. Then you'll know why you've pre models pussy gotta do what I've asked." I was totally confused by their cryptic dialogue. Juanita silently mouthed to Ryan, 'Love you.' Then Jeremy's hips moved forward. Juanita inhaled sharply as Jeremy shuddered breathily. His arms --in the push-up position--quivered, threatening to give way under his weight. His hips convulsed inward top models 2007 and upward into the tight confines of Juanita's virginal pussy. By the way his butt cheeks were caving in, I knew they teen nonnaked models were clenching as he was cumming--again. When Jeremy leaned over and kissed Ryan full on the lips and proceeded to French him, we were all surprised. After a long kiss, Jeremy pulled away slightly, just far enough to look in Ryan's eyes and said, "You always said to make the first fuck memorable. You think there's any way I'll ever forget this? On the night I lost my virginity, the first person I kissed was a guy! sandra model early A guy who will always mean supermodel pics teens as much to me as my girl, here." nude supermodels pornsatrs Then he kissed Juanita, affectionately, rather than passionately. "You were right. I felt it. I felt the love Ryan was telling me about. And I don't know how you knew I'd want to thank him in such a personal way, but I'm glad you suggested it." "Demanded it," Juanita said. "When you came, you felt your love for me but that other emotion you had going on inside you, the one you were fighting so much, was your love for Ryan. batt model mayhem It might only be Platonic but it doesn't mean you can't express it in a way Ryan understands best." "You're right." Jeremy looked at Ryan, back at Juanita, and back at Ryan. Although he was talking to Juanita, he maintained eye contact with Ryan. "When I kissed the little rascal, I felt a kind of reverence for him. The kiss didn't feel like a gay thing, it felt like ..." "Like it was perfectly okay to kiss him?" "Perfectly," Jeremy agreed in modeled schoolgirl uniforms a husky voice. "That's because I love YOU. Not your cock, not your body but you," Ryan said. "Thanks, Rascal, I know that now." To lighten the mood Ryan said, "And certainly not your girlfriend!" "Good," Juanita said, pressing down on Jeremy's butt cheeks to get him started, molly model teen "'cuz I erotic model preeten think he and I have slender women models a job to finish. Girls like to cum, too, ya know." "Yeah," Taylor thai models teen said, fingering herself. Eventually, Juanita had HER orgasm, Jamie came, Tyler fucked Brad and I fucked Brad before we all turned in for the night. I think Taylor came eight times as she watched all of us enjoying ourselves. Strangely enough, she seemed content to be the 'odd one out.' When Jeremy started to roll off of Juanita, she stopped him and urged him to sleep next to Ryan. As I snuggled up to Ryan's left side, I saw Jeremy turn and kiss Juanita goodnight. Then, he raised up and kissed Ryan good-night, too. Ryan said, "Now you know what I mean when I say 'I love you.'" "Yeah, I do--finally. I love you too, bro," Jeremy said sincerely. Once the room got quiet, I could hear the steady breathing of four adults, so I guessed our shenanigans didn't keep them awake. They HAD worked hard all morning getting the place ready and I'm sure they were dead tired. And I knew Lyle was tired from all the driving, even though I relieved him part of the time. During the night, I got up twice to put logs on the fire--just enough to keep it going. At first light, I checked the sleeping bags to make sure everyone was covered. Thanks to the drop in temperature, everyone was chin-deep in their cocoon-like sleepers. A few minutes later, Amanda got up to put nude amle models coffee on, so I got up and got the fire crackling again with a couple of fresh logs. The coffee aroma woke up the other three adults who performed the ritualistic early morning toilet tango. Since Amanda went potty while the coffee was brewing, Sherita went next. Jason deferred to Lyle, indicating with eye movements that he still had a morning woody. All the water noise made me have to go so I went next. For some strange reason, Jason's hard-on had not gone down so he cupped his boxer briefs-clad crotch from Amanda's view and rushed to the bathroom. The bathroom was girlies bikini modelsurch anything but soundproof, so the "backdoor" noises he made woke up the rest of the household. More accurately, the boys who heard it, woke up the others by snickering and making rude comments. "Man, did something crawl up there and die, Dad?" Taylor asked when Jason walked out. "Nice smelling coffee, Amanda," I said. "Yeah, Mom, is it a new blend?" Ryan giggled. "There's cream in the fridge," Amanda said, ignoring all the rude comments. Tyler was close enough to his dad, or more likely, far enough away from Sherita, to whisper, "I'd like some cream in MY coffee." "After your mom leaves," Jason said, "if your master agrees to it." I raised one eyebrow at Tyler and said, "I want you hard, right now." Tyler's eyes widened as he looked up at his dad with pleading eyes. "Do it," Jason commanded quietly. Tyler had been training for several weeks and we discovered he was quite adept at getting hard on cue. Doing it in front of his mother, however, proved to be a little more difficult for him, but he succeeded. He was wearing ribbed black boxer-briefs, which both hid and accentuated his erection. Looking at it straight-on view, you didn't notice it as much. His side-view, however was profound when viewed by someone he wanted to impress but would prove to be extremely embarrassing if seen by his mother. None of the kids mentioned it and, although Sherita saw it--side view--she didn't say anything. After breakfast was finished, Lyle said, "Leave the dishes, the boys will clean 'em up. You better get on the road before the weather changes for the worse." "You girls gonna be okay on the way home?" Jason asked Amanda and Sherita collectively. "Yeah. We've got the cell phones." Amanda and Sherita headed over to Nosy Parker's girl supermodels to get the car warmed up. In summer, the Parker's place was a brisk three minute trek. In winter, through mid-calf high snow, it would take probably ten minutes. Juanita kissed Jeremy and said, "I'm gonna miss you but pay attention while I'm gone. You might learn something." After Juanita started following the tracks made by Amanda and Sherita, Taylor stuck around just long enough to say, "Ryan, I wanted to stay but Dad says this is YOUR weekend." "You can stay!" Ryan shouted. "Dad explained some of what's going to happen after we leave and it sounds like fun but I've decided it'll be best for Tyler if I don't know too much about ... this stuff. After everything gets worked out, maybe we'll talk about it." "You obviously know more about it than I do," Ryan said. "Yeah, I do." Then with a worried look, she said, "So, no matter what happens, I want you to know, I love you." Ryan got wide-eyed. "Quit it, Taylor, you're scaring him," Jason said. "That's supposed to be OUR job." Then laughing, he said, "There's nothing to be afraid of, Rascal. It's Tyler that's got to worry." With a cheery smile and a frantic wave, Taylor ran off. "Bye!" she shouted back. She caught nude kid model up with Juanita at the top of the first ridge. "Lose the hard-on," I said sternly. Tyler had more difficulty losing one than getting one but he was learning well. Usually, I'd only allow him one minute to go soft but with all little models nudists the hot half-naked bodies strutting around, I cut him some slack. He was, after all, still in training. "We've got company," Lyle said. Looking out the window, Ryan said, "It's Kevin." diana model 52 Then, looking more closely, he said, "He's got model mania someone with him." "That would be Coach, Zack and Rover," Lyle said. "Dad?" Brad said, startled. "Yeah," Lyle said. "Ryan needs to build up his strength so we thought we'd engage in some lika teen model target practice." "Do what?" Jeremy asked bewildered. "You'll see," Lyle said.To be continued.Thanks for coming back for more. Maybe some of teenfun model sex you readers know of websites that buy stories. Or maybe you know of agents who represent authors. If so, let me know. Thanks. Keep in touch with me at
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